About South Florida Elite

South Florida Elite Volleyball is a beach volleyball club for all ages and levels.  The club has multiple programs for athletes interested in enhancing their skills physically and mentally. 

SF Elite gives each athlete an opportunity to further their beach volleyball careers at the next level. Our staff is well connected to NCAA, NJCAA and NAIA programs, and guarantee opportunities for college recruiting exposure. 

SF Elite is built to train the total package. Our motto, Producing Champions, has deeper meaning than simply creating volleyball players.  Sessions are geared toward the skill set of each athlete.  Our overall goal is to produce a well rounded volleyball player and person.  Our focus will include conditioning, footwork, technique, and the mental side of the game. The athletes will be prepared for in game situations and be able to compete at a high level. Leadership, mental toughness, organizational and communication skills, work ethic are traits of South Florida Elite athletes.